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It’s been a long time since I updated this page.  So much has happened in the last year!  There have been lots of lovely festivals and concerts with wonderful colleagues and friends.

My latest ensemble venture is a new trio called “Metamorphoses” which has taken off very quickly! We are three musicians who call five countries home, bringing together our combined international experience to create an exciting chemistry. The performers are violist Roeland Jagers from the Netherlands, pianist Ilona Timchenko, a Russian living in Spain, and myself, an American (though now British too!) living in the UK playing clarinet.  We have already had two fantastic tours around the Netherlands and we will very soon embark on our third.

The biggest news is that Metamorphoses is going to record our first album! This is a big deal for us, it’s our dream! We are very excited to share our unique sound and this incredible repertoire with you. We will record music from five different countries. There will be a couple of pieces that we expect some might know already, but we will be introducing our listeners to some extraordinary and stunningly beautiful music that they have likely never heard before. If you would like to donate to this project, we have just launched a Kickstarter campaign. Please follow the link to learn more about how you can have a part in making something special with us. We give YOU something, too! Metamorphoses…Once Upon a Time… the Debut Album

As the name “Metamorphoses” suggests, our aim is to continuously evolve together through repertoire and through future collaborations with other artists be they musicians, actors, singers, or visual artists.  While we will naturally perform the household works of Mozart and Schumann, we also seek to explore lesser-known works of outstanding quality, as well as commission new works for our virtuosic yet soulful ensemble.  We have already compiled a list of hundreds of existing works to keep us busy for a long, long time.  Have a look at our short film, hopefully we’ll be coming your way very soon.

If you’d like to book a concert by Metamorphoses,

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